Gator Names Our First Doeling: Izabella

IMG_5296Back in January our female goats (does) were finishing their month-long rendezvous with a buck goat. When they returned we were filled with the hope that in about 5 months we would have baby goats (kids). At the same time one of our 7 year old’s best friends, Alex (or Gator) was going through some major medical difficulties. On January 18th we read this devastating news about the status of his condition, in summary his options were dim and without all the medical interventions he would only be alive for days.

We were heartbroken. Devastated. Words cannot describe the feelings I had to see a friend of my own child being in that place. His love of life and amazing attitude really hid the severity of his condition well. We had been chatting with him a few times a week via Facetime and had just taken him on a virtual tour of our farm. He loved the animals and I told him when he felt better he could come out and see the goats. Having baby animals is the BEST part about running a farm, so I told him in May-June he could come and see the babies. Whenever any conception is plagator in surgerynned it is always a gamble, an act of faith. This amazing little boy’s life was also in jeopardy, so in another act of faith we told Alex that he could name our first girl kid (doeling) born. All doelings born on the farm get to stay and become future mothers. He was so excited.

This boy was sick, so very sick. He would get worn out talking to us for 5 minutes via Facetime. But he never showed any sadness or frustration- in his chipper voice he would always say, I’m feeling a little tired now- I better go. But true to Alex form he never gave up hope that he would get a heart. He knows he has important things to accomplish. He had already been on the donor list for over a year and was rapidly declining. BUT that boy was right- 4 days later we all got this news- there was a heart available that was a perfect match.

And now- 5 months later we have our baby goats and like we promised he got to name the first doeling. These doelings were a little overdue, and we waited and prayed for them to come. Like any overdue mammal it took a little toll on their health. They were born with weak back legs. It’s a condition that we had to watch and gave some vitamin injections for. These girls are fighters- I think it’s perfectly fitting Gator got to name one of these strong little doelings. Alex is one of the strongest people I know- so this little doe will have the strength and faith of a mighty soul on her side.

Yesterday he came over to our farm and chose a name for this beautiful doeling: Izabella (or Bella for short). It was so heartwarming to reflect on the journey this boy has been through. When I asked him if his energy has returned, he said, “Oh yeah, watch me run.” And took off running. We’re excited to watch this boy and his goat have many happy play dates!



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