Pray for Michigan Farmers

Michigan dairy farmsI admit I don’t know exactly the locations hardest hit, but some of my farming friends in Michigan were posting these pictures.  Its so sad and as a farmer, we know a small bit of the loss this means for them in so many ways. Farming is hard work. And weather can ruin not only a year but an entire farming operation. Despite what certain people try to sell, farmers truly care for their animals. Something will have to be done for these dairy ladies and quick!

I have a special place in my heart for Michigan farmers. I was able to attend a Farm Women’s Symposium in Michigan this past Spring and those Michigan farm women are some pretty exceptional ladies! I pray that God will send them comfort and help them to find quick resolution to their problems. On a farm you have to move quickly, because lives are literally on the line. These farmers will be in my thoughts and prayers for a while.

My heart aches for all of the farmers affected by this recent tornado. If you are the praying type- these farming friends could sure use your help!

If you have some extra cash to help out

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