I feel like when ever we demonize the other side, we all lose!!! Please consider that thought.

In fact, I consider myself pro compassion more than pro life. I guess some news sources shared Sophie’s story, link in comments.

This photo is what I wanted to convey in my speech yesterday! My speech was so hard to write and give on so many levels. But I wanted to share my heart, that my sweet Sophie was a real human with a huge impact even though she was so so tiny.

What they didn’t report is that struggle, because I do want Sophie’s story to help people understand the impact a 23 week old baby can have.

BUT I also feel such compassion for those who find themselves on the other side of this debate, feeling like they cannot support a pregnancy for whatever reason. In all things in my life I hope to lead with compassion!

And I don’t believe in having laws that make it hard for women to make very difficult decisions. I would like better education that sometimes delivery is an option above abortion… I know too many good caring, compassionate people with very compelling reasons why the laws need to stay in place, I think that we come to a compromise and look for protection for precious babies AND allow for exceptions. I wanted to share that as part of my message, too, yesterday, but there is never enough time! I was meant to speak for 5-7 minutes and timed my speech 3 times and was close to 7 minutes at the end, when I got up there it was 16 minutes long.

AGAIN! I feel like when ever we demonize the other side, we all lose!

In fact, I don’t view people who want more reproductive rights as evil. I have far too many friends who share that opinion. Friends that I love deeply. They are compassionate, caring people!

I know I’m definitely more middle of the road in my feelings and really do appreciate learning more.

So if you disagree with me, please do so kindly. And extend the same courtesy to everyone you coming contact with.


For the KSL article about my speech click here



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